*Note I’m going to change this and add things on as I will be using this as a notepad for the improvement of the brand as grow with it*

Latest Check In 04/06/2017

What is Figure Blueprint? 

Originally it started out as a fitness company, I came up with it because I thought it was unfair that houses had a blueprint but humans did not. I believed the blueprint sets the foundation for a house and maps out the course of action with a detailed structure of how to build a house from the ground up and I wanted to recreate the same thing for humans.

After a few years of trial an error I kept bumping into people at my job who just could not figure out what they wanted to be or do. They were in University or had a job but still felt like there was something missing. During these years of trying to build my personal training brand under the name, taking pictures doing youtube videos i kept getting the same feedback “your edits are sick”. In my head, i was thinking so what about me, I was in the video but that was the least of their worries.

I Had a Dream 

In which I had blue hair, I know crazy right?

Then something inside me was telling me i could help people who were not passionate by showcasing all the talented individuals I meet who are grinding out their passion like me and build an entertaining platform in which they could inspire the next generation. So I started scheming out ideas in my journal.

Then I Gave Birth

Six months had passed and all i had was a bunch of notes and nothing executed and personal training was quiet and i was hardly working it was tough financially.  I had to get off the nail, Then I checked Facebook and Ken K had messaged me and said we should do something bare in mind i messaged him ages ago, i took this as a sign to get started and a few weeks later i had my first interview Who is Ken K.

So Back to The Question

What is Figure Blueprint?

Figure Blueprint is the most passionate place in the UK aiming to become the most passionate place in the world.

We focus on individuals who are passionate about their craft and can showcase their passion in a creative way.

This an amazing platform for the youth of today allowing them to see passionate people doing what they love to inspire them to follow their dreams.

Passion Equals Purpose

So now you know the history…